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Special-edition Lumia 930, 830 give Nokia brand a final 'golden' opportunity

The Nokia Lumia 930 Gold and 830 Gold are finished with anodized gold coloring for extra shine -- a swan song for the Nokia phone brand as we know it.

The gold-accented models will sell in select countries and carriers. Microsoft

Consider it the swan song of Nokia's former glory. On Thursday, Microsoft, which bought Nokia's devices arm, announced two special-edition colors of the Nokia Lumia 930 and Nokia Lumia 830 .

The Nokia Lumia 930 Gold and 830 Gold have anodized gold-colored accents around the rim, and come with black or white backings.

Release dates are staggered, with the black version of the Lumia 930 Gold coming out this week and the white version arriving in late January. Look ahead to February for the 830 Gold.

Carriers around the world will determine their own pricing, with the golden gadgets going on sale in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

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