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Nokia Lumia 929 may reach Verizon on November 21

The much-rumored smartphone -- and Nokia's 2520 Lumia tablet -- could arrive at Verizon in time for Black Friday, says blog site NokiaPowerUser.

Leaked photo of the Lumia 929.
Leaked photo of the Lumia 929. Evleaks

Verizon customers may get first dibs on Nokia's Lumia 929 phone.

Citing a tip from an alleged Verizon insider, blog site NokiaPowerUser said on Sunday that the rumored Lumia 929 smartphone will land at Verizon on Thursday, November 21. Not much is known about the 929 since Nokia has yet to even officially announce it, but recent reports claim the phone will offer a 5-inch display and will be carried by Verizon.

Nokia's 2520 Lumia tablet may also surface at Verizon on that same Thursday, according to the tip received by NokiaPowerUser. That would be a day before AT&T starts selling the tablet.

Black Friday deals may also pop up to slash the price of the Lumia 2520 to $199 from $399 when bundled with the 929, according to the tipster.

These tidbits come from an anonymous tipster and should be taken with the usual grain of salt. But November launch dates for these new products make sense if retailers hope to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.