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Nokia Lumia 925 on pre-order at Vodafone for £34pm

Nokia's new aluminium Windows Phone is up for pre-order, with Vodafone offering the best free-phone deal.

Desperate to get your metal-loving mitts on Nokia's new aluminium Windows Phone? Smashing news, my anodising-addled amigo! The Lumia 925 is now up for pre-order with Vodafone and can be yours for the not inconsiderable sum of £34 per month.

That bags a free phone on the Vodafone Red L deal, which includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a generous 2GB of data.

That's cheaper than rival O2, which is offering the phone for free on a £37 contract with just 1GB of data thrown in. T-Mobile and Orange have pegged it at £37 too.

You can compare all the different offers on our handy Mobile Deals page here.

Vodafone has an exclusive on the black version of the new Lumia. O2 has the same on the white one, while everyone else will have to have it in silver. There isn't yet a release date for the 925, but we can assume it'll probably be later this month.

The shiny new blower is Nokia's first Lumia to eschew the company's trademark colourful plastic. My colleague Andrew Hoyle, who's had his expert phone-fondling hands on the 925, reckons it's more comfy to hold than the chunkier Lumia 920.

The back panel is still plastic, however, so it's not quite as classy as all-metal mobiles such as the HTC One and iPhone 5. Its 4.5-inch OLED screen is also not as high-res as the 1080p displays on its main rivals, settling for 1,280x768 pixels, which nevertheless makes its Windows Phone interface look really sharp.

What else do you get for your money? It has the same 1.5GHz dual-core processor as the Lumia 920, and the camera has the same 8.7-megapixel sensor, but it has a different glass element in it that Nokia reckons makes its pics even better. We'll look forward to putting that to the test in our full review soon.

Would you plump for the 925 at that price? Or are there better blowers to be bagged for that kind of boodle? Deliver your verdict in the comments, or over on our stainless-steel Facebook page.