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Nokia Lumia 900 on sale today

Garnering four CNET stars and powered by Windows Phone, can the Lumia 900 send Nokia back to the top of the mobile phone tree?

The Nokia Lumia 900 lands in shops today. Powered by colourful and fun Windows Phone software, can the Lumia 900 send Nokia back to the top of the mobile phone tree?

The Lumia 900 is the 4.3-inch, top-of-the-range sequel to the Lumia 800. It's every bit as chic as the 800, sporting a sleek and seamless body and gorgeous Gorilla Glass screen. It's available on contract from the major networks at Phones 4u today, which is the only place where you can buy it in white.

Two-year deals start at £20.50, with the phone costing £200. The 900 is free if you're willing to pay upwards of around £35 each month. Without a contract, it'll set you back around £500.

The 900 also boasts the latest version of Windows Phone, known as Tango. Tango adds improved messaging and contacts, and a new icon at the top of the screen to show you when an app is accessing location information.

Balanced against the sleek looks and futuristic interface is the sad fact that there just aren't enough Windows Phone apps compared to the Android and Apple app stores. And the Lumia range certainly faces stiff competition from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X and the still big-selling Apple iPhone 4S.

So far, even Nokia admits Brits just aren't that into Windows Phone. But that could change with the launch of Windows 8 later in the year, especially if it addresses the app shortage.

Are you planning to buy a Lumia 900? Is it the phone to claw back some of the ground Nokia has lost to Apple and Android? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook.