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Nokia Lumia 900 in UK in June, says deleted Carphone page

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be coming to the UK this summer, according to a page -- since removed -- on Carphone Warehouse's website.

Note: As we were writing this article Carphone Warehouse's Lumia 900 page went offline. This could be a technical hitch, but we'll contact the company and update this story.

A spot of good news for Nokia and Windows Phone fans -- the 4.3-inch Nokia Lumia 900 will apparently be going on sale in the UK this summer, courtesy of Carphone Warehouse.

The phone-flogging shop put up a listing for the Lumia 900 on its website -- since removed -- giving an 'expected' arrival date of June 2012. You could also register for updates.

The Lumia 900 is much like its smaller cousin, the excellent Lumia 800. The main difference is that while the 800 sports a 3.7-inch display, the 900's screen boasts 0.6 inches more diagonal real estate.

The other significant difference is that the Lumia 900 has 4G capabilities. In the UK though we don't have 4G yet, so we won't be able to take advantage of that superior connectivity, and because of this we only expected the Lumia 900 to arrive in the US.

Like the Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 will hit the ground running Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango. Windows Phone is Microsoft's mobile operating system, and offers slick, attractive menus along with a host of other treats.

We're glad UK punters will apparently be able to get their mitts on the Lumia 900, but is it the right decision for Nokia? On the one hand, more choice for shoppers is generally better, and this mobile could offer something for those who fancy giving Windows Phone a try but don't like the Lumia 800's relatively teeny screen.

On the other hand, both Nokia and Microsoft should be wary of cluttering the marketplace and overwhelming buyers. One desirable device can prove more alluring that dozens of slightly different mobiles.

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