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Nokia Lumia 900 arriving in February?

The hotly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 is set to arrive in February, according to a Swiss phone network.

The hills are alive with the sound of mobiles. The latest clue to the launch of the hotly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 has come from the land of cuckoo clocks and chocolate, with a Swiss phone network revealing the Windows Phone will arrive in Europe in February.

Swisscom revealed the date in a tweet to a customer asking after the Nokia Lumia 800, which recently launched in the UK -- mightily impressing your humble correspondent in the process. The 800 is set to be the middle level of Nokia's Windows Phone range, with the 900 lording it up as the high-end model.

The Lumia 800 lands in Europe in January, and the 900 lands at the end of February if Swisscom's tweet is to be believed. The 900 hasn't been officially announced yet, but could take a bow at international technology bonanza CES in Las Vegas in January.

Reports suggest the Lumia 900 packs a 4.3-inch screen, 1.4GHz processor and 8-megapixel camera. It could also bring with it the next generation of Windows Phone software, provisionally titled Tango.

Meanwhile the Lumia 800 is getting close to a US release, with reports that Yank network Verizon is planning to sell a 4G version of the phone.

The Lumia 710, announced alongside the Lumia 800 earlier this year, is also edging closer to shops. The 710 is the third phone in Nokia's Windows Phone lineup, and is the more affordable model of the trio. It'll be the first Nokia Windows Phone to cross the pond when it launches in the US on 11 January on T-Mobile, and word on the street puts it in British shops in January too.

Fingers crossed the Lumia 900 puts in an appearance at CES; CNET UK will be in Sin City to get our sticky fingers on all the new gadgets and gizmos making their debut in Vegas, bringing you all the news, previews and videos. Is a Nokia Windows Phone one of your favourite things? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Update: Nokia has contacted us to say that the Swisscom representative confused the 710 and the 900, and it's the 710 that will be released before the end of February.