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Nokia Lumia 800 hits FCC, CES bound?

As 2011 winds down, CNET scans the FCC certification database for clues on what new smartphones and tablets will come in two weeks at CES.

Nokia Lumia 800 Nicole Lee/CNET

With just two weeks until CES, most of the wireless industry is busy making final plans.

We've already told you what we think will happen with tablets and smartphones in Las Vegas, and if carriers and manufacturers have their way, we won't know anything official until the show begins.

Forgive me, but patience is not a virtue in this case. So to get a peek at what might come at CES, I dug through the last couple weeks of filings with the Federal Communications Commission for any clues about new devices. And as it turns out, there was plenty to peruse.

Nokia's Lumia 800 got the official nod, which may be good news for Windows Phone 7 fans not satisfied by T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 710. Though the filing didn't tell if it will end up at a U.S carrier, we do expect Nokia to make such an announcement at CES. Other interesting phones to pass through the FCC's hands include the dual mode (CDMA/EV-DO) LG FLN-272 for Sprint, the Samsung SCH-R920 with MetroPCS LTE, and the Samsung CDMA SCI11. Though just a codename, a CDMA carrier is an obvious destination.

On the tablet front, Huawei's MediaPad made an appearance. Perhaps Huawei will use its CES press conference to announce it along with the Ice Cream Sandwich-equipped Honor smartphone. Samsung also won certification for two LTE versions of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a Galaxy Tab 7.7 for Verizon's 4G network.

So here's the list of the last two weeks at the FCC. Click through to read the full report.

Huawei MediaPad
LG 325G
LG FLN-272
Nokia 1616
Nokia Lumia 800
Samsung CDMA SCI11
Samsung GT-E1195L
Samsung GT-P7320
Samsung SCH-I815
Samsung SCH-R920
Samsung SHV-E140L
Samsung SHW-M410K
ZTE S165
ZTE S170