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Nokia Lumia 800 battery fix rolling out from today

Nokia is pushing out a fix for the Lumia 800's tragic battery problem, and it should be with owners within two weeks.

Nokia is rolling out a fix for the Lumia 800's tragic battery problem, and it should be arriving on all devices in the next two weeks.

Since the Lumia 800 came out last year, many owners have complained that the Windows Phone wasn't pulling its weight in the battery department.

We heard about a software update designed to knock the problem on the head way back in November, and in December the Finnish phonesmith admitted there was indeed a problem, caused by a software bug.

The issue appeared to be that some Lumia 800s weren't charging fully. We've also experienced a different battery-related problem on our test unit, where the phone refused to recharge or turn on after the battery died.

It's good that Nokia has finally produced a patch for the problem, though unfortunately the update -- which also brings "Wi-Fi connectivity enhancements" -- won't arrive in a convenient over-the-air package.

Once your phone bleeps to tell you the update is available, you'll need to plug your Lumia 800 into a computer using a USB cable, then use the Zune software to funnel the update into your phone. If you're not sure how to do that, check this site.

The Lumia 800 isn't alone when it comes to battery blues -- in the wake of the iPhone 4S launch, owners were incandescent to find that some of Apple's brand-new blowers were stricken with rubbish battery life. Apple has since released a battery fix of its own. Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners also recently reported battery bugs, but Samsung promised they weren't widespread.

Despite an occasionally rubbish battery, we've been very impressed with the Lumia 800, with one of our reporters so blown away he said Nokia's effort had put him off owning an iPhone.

What do you think of the Lumia 800? Is yours afflicted by a bad battery? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall.