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Nokia Lumia 710 landing 1 February

The budget companion to the Lumia 800, the 710, will land in the UK on 1 February, Nokia has announced.

We already knew the Nokia Lumia 710 was coming to Three, though we didn't have a concrete price or release date. Well now we can tick one of those boxes, as Nokia has announced the 800's little brother will hit shops on 1 February.

It made the announcement via its Nokia UK Mobcast, NokNok reports. Though sadly there's still no word on price. Rest assured the Lumia 710 is bound to be cheaper than the 800 though, seeing as it's touted as the budget handset in the Lumia family.

The 710 has a 3.7-inch screen just like the Lumia 800, although the camera is only 5-megapixel to the 800's 8-megapixel snapper. They both pack the same processor though, a 1.4GHz Qualcomm number, and the 710 has 8GB internal storage to the 800's 16GB. Still not too shabby for a budget phone, and crucially both handsets run the same Windows Phone 7.5 software, with its slick tile-based UI and great access to Facebook and Twitter. You can download apps from Windows Phone Marketplace, and personalise it by swapping the backplate.

Nokia announced the Lumia 900 last week at CES in Las Vegas, but unfortunately it's only for the States, . It packs 4G access -- which we won't be getting here for quite some time -- and a 4.3-inch screen.

The Lumia range is Nokia's first tranche of handsets that use Microsoft's software. The two announced a deal almost a year ago. The Lumia 800 scored very well in our review, earning four out of five stars, while the 710 also impressed in our hands-on. It all depends on the price for the 710 really, so fingers crossed it's not too expensive. Not long to wait now.

How much would you pay for the Lumia 710? And can Nokia still compete with the likes of Apple and Google's Android? Let us know below, or over on our Facebook page.