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Nokia Lumia 625 'Max' leaks, has great big low-res screen

Nokia's planning its biggest phone yet -- and it could be one of the cheapest too.

Nokia's planning its biggest phone yet -- and it could be one of the cheapest too. The Lumia 625 has appeared on the website of China's official government telecoms equipment certifier Tenaa.

A real back-to-basics Windows Phone after the excitement of the Lumia 1020 launch, the 625 reportedly has a hefty 4.7-inch display -- the same size as the HTC One.

Rumoured to be codenamed the 'Max', its plain design is underlined by its bargain-basement specs, with just 800x480 pixels stretched out across that sizeable screen, according to tech site That equates to 199 pixels per inch, a meagre density that's not even as good as the original Galaxy S.

A better comparison might be the Samsung Galaxy Mega, another low-res palm-stretcher that offers super size on a middling budget. They're both capable of 4G too, which doesn't make much sense here in the UK, with EE's 4G contracts costing the Earth.

Other rumoured specs are similarly timid, with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a pathetic 512MB of RAM and a pedestrian 5-megapixel camera on the back.

Are we likely to see the 625 here in the UK? I wouldn't put money on it -- it just seems so different to Nokia's current lineup, with their fun primary colours and sensible get-what-you-pay-for progression. We have just had the classy metal Lumia 925 though, so maybe the Finnish phone-maker is loosening up a little. Liveside reckons it's coming to the US, or at least some version of it, having passed through the FCC.

What do you make of this new Windows Phone? Does the platform need more budget blowers to make it a hit? Does the low resolution put you off? Let me know down in the comments, or over on our reasonably priced Facebook page.

Image credit: Tenaa