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Nokia Lumia 610 can't install Angry Birds, Skype, and more

But fans of flinging fowl will be glad to hear a version of Angry Birds is on its way for the budget 610 and other Windows Phones with low memory.

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia and Microsoft have run into problems with the new Nokia Lumia 610. While trying to avoid the fragmentation issues faced by Android, Windows Phone has properly shot itself in the foot -- with a catapult and an Angry Bird.

The budget Lumia 610 is the first phone powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone software to arrive with just 256MB of RAM -- and it turns out many Windows Phone apps just won't work on the phone. That includes Angry Birds, the smash-hit game from Nokia's fellow Finns Rovio, and even worse, Skype, which is owned by Microsoft. As snafus go, this one is pretty delicious.

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