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Nokia loses patent fight with InterDigital

Fight over royalties could mean Nokia pays $252 million.

Nokia must pay between $232 million to $252 million after losing a patent dispute in U.S. District Court with InterDigital Communications, a wireless-technology provider. The legal fight, which was heard in the Southern District of New York, was over royalties that Nokia allegedly owed InterDigital for using its technology on 2G and 2.5G handsets, InterDigital said in a statement on its Web site. The mobile phone industry has seen a score of patent fights erupt in recent years.

In June, the International Chamber of Commerce ordered Nokia to pay the sum to InterDigital, but Nokia disputed the amount. InterDigital's CEO William Merritt said that he hoped Nokia would finally comply with the license agreement the two companies signed in 1999. "If not, we will continue to pursue all legal remedies to secure payment," Merritt said in a statement.