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Nokia headsets play a new tune

Phone maker's accessories look more like they're made for media players.

WH-600 Nokia

As mobile phones continue their march in to the music world, their accessories increasingly resemble those previously reserved for media players. Just yesterday we saw a pair of Bluetooth headphones designed for both music and phone reception, complete with touch-sensitive controls.

WH-700 Nokia

Now Nokia, which has been among the more aggressive phone makers to market music equipment for its handsets, has come up with a couple of new headsets that will let you listen to MP3s until a call comes in, then automatically shut them off so you can talk. Even better, it'll pick up where the song left off when you were so rudely interrupted.

Nokia's WH-600 and WH-700 are headphone cans and in-ear models, respectively, with in-line volume controls. Unfortunately, both models are wired--which, in today's mobile headset market, seems downright primitive.