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Nokia E90: Rock-hard smart phone

Looking for a sturdy smart phone that does it all? Then you might want to have a look at the Nokia E90 that comes with built-in GPS

If you were going to turn a phone into a Transformer to defend you against the Decepticons, you could do worse than the Nokia E90. This chunky smart phone comes packed with serious features, and would definitely beat the WD40 out of the N93i that appears in the film.

The E90's robust casing houses a standard mobile phone keypad and screen on the front, a larger screen and full Qwerty keypad inside, a 3.2-megapixel camera on the back and on top of all of that, infrared, Bluetooth, GPS and HSDPA for super-fast Web surfing.

Designed for business people on the go, this mobile power house gives you access to emails and the Web on the move, and the added bonus of GPS in case you get lost on the way to a meeting.

Our only concern from a consumer perspective is that it's a little on the chunky side if you want to slip it into your jeans. But the E90 isn't about fashion, it's about functionality, and if you need all of its features, then it's definitely worth a gander.

The Nokia E90 will be available soon on several networks for free on a monthly contract. You will also be able to buy it SIM free for about £650. Expect a full review lickety-split. -Andrew Lim