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Nokia E6-00 shows off its wares in new uber-blurry spy footage

Nokia's upcoming E6-00 Symbian handset has been leaked in photo form before, but now there's a video of someone using it. Not that you can make out what they're doing.

Information about the Nokia E6-00 just keeps on leaking out. New video footage of the Qwerty Symbian 3 handset has emerged, following on from last week's spy shots.

Alas, the video has been shot in proper blurryvision, if you'll allow us to use that technical term. You can barely make out what the mysterious leaker is doing on the phone, let alone admire the finer points of its user interface.

Here's the video:

Thankfully, we already know some factoids about the E6-00 from previous leaks. It's the successor to Nokia's E72, and its physical keyboard is complemented by a 480x640-pixel touchscreen display, HSDPA connectivity and an 8-megapixel camera.

The first spy shot for the E6-00 appeared in early March, before better images were posted on an Italian forum later that month. The latter leak added the information that the camera can shoot 720p video, and is an extended-depth-of-field model, ditching autofocus in favour of a fixed focus. That means it will keep both backgrounds and foregrounds in focus. There's also a dual LED flash.

It's not yet clear when the E6-00 will be officially announced, let alone go on sale. By the time it does, there will be candybar Qwerty competition from the likes of the HTC ChaCha and INQ Cloud Q, not to mention new BlackBerry smart phones expected to make their debut in early May at the BlackBerry World show.