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Nokia delivers live traffic, geocoding to Bing

The company says Bing Maps will offer traffic information in 24 countries around the world.

A look at Bing Maps powered by Nokia's services.
A look at Bing Maps powered by Nokia's services. Nokia

Nokia has brought a couple of its location-based services to Bing Maps.

The company announced yesterday that Bing Maps users will now have traffic information available to them from Nokia's Where platform. Where is available in 24 countries, including the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. According to Nokia, users in the U.S. already had traffic information available to them, but this addition now includes support for side streets.

Nokia is also bringing geocoding to Bing Maps, allowing the platform to take latitude and longitude information, and connect that to a readable address.

"It's how we know that Seattle's Space Needle is at the geocoordinates N47 degrees 37' 13.807", W122 degrees 20' 57.088" and vice versa," the company wrote on its blog. "But in practical terms it means something simpler."

Nokia's announcement comes just a few weeks after the company showed off an update to its Drive app in Windows Phone 7, called MyCommute. The feature is designed to analyze how long it takes you to get from one point to another, and then as it learns, update the Live start screen tile with the best estimate.

Looking ahead, Nokia says that it will find new ways to power Bing Maps on Windows Phone devices.