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Nokia churns out three new headsets

Nokia releases three new headset models at CES 2007.

Nokia BH-100 Nokia

Nokia wasn't content to just release a sexy new phone or a cool new Internet tablet, so it also debuted three new Bluetooth headsets here at CES 2007.

Nokia BH-120 Nokia

The low-end beginner model is the Nokia BH-100, which is really small and cute and comes with three different color bumpers. It weighs about 11 grams and has a rated talk time of 6.5 hours.

Nokia BH-301 dark colors Nokia

The Nokia BH-120 is a step up and comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck. It is pretty compact, comes with three different earbud sizes, and has a rated talk time of 5.5 hours.

Nokia BH-301 bright colors Nokia

Finally, the BH-301 is the most stylish of the three with six different interchangeable covers to suit your personal taste, and it has 7 hours of rated talk time. Unfortunately we don't have any pricing or availability of these headsets yet, but they'll probably be out some time this year.