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Nokia C5-03: Not worth the cash

The Nokia C5-03 is an ill-advised combination of outdated software and underperforming hardware. There are much better midrange phones available, for less money.

Nokia C5-03 Nokia

The Nokia C5-03 is a midrange touch-screen phone available in a selection of colors. Features on the quad-band GSM handset include stereo Bluetooth, USB syncing, a microSD card slot, a personal organizer, a music player, support for apps, a 3.5mm headset jack, and 40MB of internal memory.

Though we won't be reviewing the phone, it did get a test drive by CNET UK. Unfortunately, our colleagues weren't pleased at all and gave the handset a rating of one and a half stars. Though our colleagues liked the compact design and Ovi Maps, they didn't like the resistive touch screen, outdated software, and lack of a camera flash. See the Nokia C5-03 review for the full story.