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Nokia C1 lights the way for cheap dual-SIM range

Nokia is lighting the way with the new C1, the first in a range of cheap dual-SIM handsets, complete with gobsmacking battery life -- and a torch!

If you ever wanted to own your own Magic Torch, Nokia is here to help with the new C1. The C1, first in a new C-range, is a dual-SIM phone that flicks between the two cards at the touch of a button, boasts an astonishing battery life and lights up your life with a built-in torch.

Nokia claims the C1's battery life is a jaw-dropping six weeks. Yes, we said weeks. Nokia reckons that's the longest life from a single charge it's ever developed. Coincidentally, it's exactly the same time Crave can last on a single portion of chips.

Nokia C1

As well as the flashlight, you get an FM radio for your €30 (£25).

The C1 is the first of a series of C-phones aimed at the developing world. The C1 has a torch and extended battery life for areas with little access to electricity, while the C2 has a bunch of pre-installed agricultural apps for €45 Euros (£37). We're guessing they're not talking about Farmville. The C2's two SIMs are hot-swappable, so you can whip one in and out even when the phone is on.

The C1 shines a light in the darkness from the third quarter of this year, and will be followed towards the end of the year by single-SIM versions, the C1-01 and C1-02. The C1-01 rocks Symbian S40, with an FM radio and VGA camera for €39 (£32). A cheaper version, the C1-02, will be €35 (£29). Both offer microSD slots and Web access.

Nokia is yet to confirm whether any of the C-phones will reach the UK -- let us know if this is something you would like to see in the comments.