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Nokia announce 'green' phone and unlimited music

Nokia annouce "green" products and unlimited music

The "greener" Nokia 3110 Evolve.

Unlimited music downloads and environmentally-friendly devices were the two major announcements over the weekend at the annual Nokia World conference in Amsterdam.

Users will have access to 12 months of unlimited music downloads via a Nokia Web portal dubbed Ovi, a word meaning "door" in Finnish. Music downloaded will be in a protected WMA file format and be available to the user even after the initial subscription period expires.

Currently Universal music will be the only major music partner when the service launches, however Nokia says its continuing discussions with the remaining major music labels.

Eco-conscience consumers can expect at least one new "green" product from Nokia next year, a new handset to be called the Nokia 3110 Evolve, whose cover will consist of at least 50 percent recycled materials. Other new product announced at the conference includes two new stereo headsets.

The announcement of "green" products follows closely from last week's update of the Greenpeace "Guide to Greener Electronics" which showed Nokia slip from its top-ranking position of six months ago to ninth position in the current rankings.