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Nokia: Android-based 'X' crossover just the beginning

Nokia has big plans in mind for the Nokia X phone family, including a 'cool' naming structure for future generations.

Nokia X
In any color, the Nokia X signals a start to Nokia's great OS mashup ambitions. Nokia

BARCELONA, Spain -- Nokia's Android-based X phone with Nokia and Windows Phone experiences may seem like an oddity because it stands alone in a field overwhelmingly dominated by Android phones that deliver more typical Google experiences. But Nokia says it has big plans in store for the Nokia X family of devices.

Not only will there be generational versions of the device that refresh year after year, Nokia told CNET, there will also be multiple coexisting variations as well.

Nokia wouldn't divulge its product road map for the X line, but Amit Patel, the global head of Nokia's developer relations, did dangle this tidbit about what future Noxia X phones will be called: "It's a pretty cool naming scheme," he told CNET.

I just hope that doesn't spell out bad puns centered on the letter 'X', like Nokia Xtra, Xhilarate, Xcite, or Xtreme.

Nokia may have its ducks in a row, but with its device contingent soon to be under Microsoft's leadership, there's no saying if Redmond will continue to encourage the experiment or cross out the X brand altogether.

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