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Nokia actually acknowledges the working classes

So many phone ads try to outhipster one another. This Nokia ad honors the drivers of school buses and golf carts.

Rare enjoyment, rare acknowledgement. Nokia UAE/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you're not in a check shirt or jogging at five in the morning in very tight leggings or at least bathing in your extreme cleverness, you don't have a place in a smartphone ad.

They're smartphones, see. They're not for the ordinary, the modest, or, perish the notion, the hardworking.

Nokia, though, wondered whether this was always appropriate. So its Dubai arm decided to acknowledge those who toil with honor, but often without praise.

To celebrate its launch of the Nokia XL, a phone that happens to be affordable, the company invited a school bus driver, a golf cart driver, and a van driver to a race track. (They were accompanied by the winner of a Facebook competition, who worked for a bank.)

This was because this phone has a feature called Fastlane, a quicker way to get to your apps.

Here, then, were people who are used to going slowly -- either in Dubai traffic or in the glacial joy of a bank -- suddenly being seated in an Audi R8 to experience speed.

It's all ineffably charming. It's also a rare nod to the reality that the smartphone will soon be the prime means of communication for everyone -- not just the image-conscious and the upwardly and hysterically mobile.

Waqar, the school bus driver, ends up being the fastest. I bet he talked about it for weeks.