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Nokia acquires 'social atlas' service Dopplr

Dopplr lets you create trips and share them with friends, and also provides tips and advice on hotels and restaurants.

Nokia announced Monday that it has acquired "social atlas" service Dopplr for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition isn't much of a surprise. Last week, reports surfaced claiming the deal was already done, but neither Dopplr nor Nokia would confirm it at the time. Those same reports suggested that Nokia would acquire Dopplr for $15 million to $22 million, but the official announcement did not mention an acquisition price.

Neither Dopplr nor Nokia immediately responded to request for comment.

Dopplr allows users to create trips and share them with friends. The service also provides users with help on each leg of their trip, providing tips and advice on hotels and restaurants. Aside from a Web site, Dopplr is available as an iPhone app. It's also integrated into social services such as Flickr and Twitter.

Nokia said that it doesn't plan to alter Dopplr. In a statement announcing the acquisition, Nokia said that "the acquisition does not change the current Dopplr service." Dopplr founder Marko Ahtisaari echoed that sentiment.