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Nokia 803 tipped to be last Symbian standing

The Nokia 803 is rumoured to run Symbian Belle, have a 4-inch screen and what could be the largest camera sensor ever seen on a mobile.

All rise for the last in a very long line of Symbian phones: the Nokia 803. The Finnish phone fabricators look set to push the venerable OS out to sea with a mighty bang.

The 803 will be the final phone coming out of Finland loaded with Nokia's erstwhile favourite operating system, Symbian, if sources whispering to BGR are to be believed. These days the cupboards in Espoo are brim-full of Windows Phones like the Lumia 800.

The "trusted source" has also been spilling the beans on some key specs of the 803 -- with the handset apparently set to offer the latest version of the Symbian OS, Belle. The source also reckons the 803 will pack a 4-inch AMOLED display instead of the smaller 3.5-inch screen that had previously been rumoured.

The last Symbian standing will also feature one of the largest camera sensors ever seen on a mobile phone, according to BGR's source. The tipster reckons the handset will also include an HDMI-out port -- presumably so you can show off your fabulous snaps on a big screen.

Another feature tipped to be inside the 803, according to the source, is NFC -- the contactless content sharing and payments technology.

The release date for the Nokia 803 is currently expected to be some time in May, according to BGR. There's no word on whether the 803 will be getting an outing at the Mobile World Congress show later this month, but CNET UK will be on the ground in force in Barcelona so we'll be sure to bring you everything we learn about Nokia's last Symbian.

Nokia's first Symbian phone was launched around the turn of the millennium and the OS quickly came to dominate the nascent smart phone scene -- riding high for years until Apple and Google turned their massive guns on mobile and fired forth a steady stream of iPhones and Androids. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Will you be buying the Nokia 803? Sad to see Symbian bow out once and for all? Tell us your nostalgic Nokia tales in the reader comments below or let it all out on our Facebook page.