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Nokia 800 Sea Ray ad leaks ahead of Nokia World

Some colourful ads have leaked of Nokia's Windows Phone-based mobile, and it looks like the Sea Ray will be called the Nokia 800.

Nokia World is still a couple of weeks away, but the leaks they just come on a-comin'. Now two ads have leaked to Pocketnow showing off the tile-based user interface that can only be the Windows Phone operating system. And the big news is the handset known as the Sea Ray will be known as the Nokia 800, if the ads are to be believed.

A second ad names the handset as the Nokia 800, so Sea Ray could have been the working title.

This second ad is keen to stress how easy the handset makes sharing pictures and updates, while the more colourful one pictured here seems to emphasise the limitless potential of the phone and operating system.

The Nokia 800 may not launch alone either. Last month a Canadian competition let slip the company's first handsets for Microsoft's operating system would be known as the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Sea Ray. Other code names doing the rumour rounds include Lumia (though that may be for other countries), Sun and Ace. So we could be seeing more than two WP handsets unveiled, though bets are on for just two to start.

A few weeks ago, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told a Chinese publication the company's first Windows Phone handset would launch before the end of the year. Reuters reported last week that this was still on, and considering Nokia's original aim was to release this year, it seems it's still on target.

Nokia World starts in London on 26 October, and we'll be there bringing you all the news as it happens. What would you like to see from the Finnish phone company? And are you excited by its Windows Phone offerings? Let us know on our Facebook page.