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Nokia 7510 reviewed

The Nokia 7510 is a decent mid-range phone that offers Wi-Fi for making calls. It earns points for a unique design, but we wish the call volume were louder.

It's been a good few weeks in CNET cell phone land. Just weeks after CES, two new handsets that debuted at the show actually went on sale. First we had the Motorola Tundra and now we have the Nokia 7510.

Since it usually takes months for CES handsets to actually hit sores (if they do it all) we relish the rare times that we have to wait just a few days for a full review. T-Mobile announced the 7510 the same day it announced its new RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 and T-Mobile Shadow. The 7510 is a chunky flip phone with a midrange feature set. It doesn't offer anything you haven't seen before, but it's a decent device in its own right. Call quality was mostly satisfactory and it has a couple of unique design touches such as replaceable covers in three colors. Read on for the full Nokia 7510 review or check out the Nokia 7510 photo gallery.