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Nokia 6085: good for calling, not for multimedia

Nokia's latest phone for AT&T is best left for making calls.

Nokia 6085 Corrine Schulze/CNET networks

Despite what you may be thinking the Nokia 6085 is not a simple AT&T copy of the Nokia 6086. Though the two phones look a lot alike, the 6085 lacks the 6086's Wi-Fi support and it comes in four sparkling colors. Yet that's perfectly fine, as the 6085 reinforces Nokia's reputation for producing quality mid-range handsets. Though its internal and external displays could use a makeover, the 6085 is a functional cell phone with decent call quality and a low-key design. Multimedia performance wasn't fantastic, but that's not really the point of the phone anyway. Get the full scoop in our Nokia 6085 review or check out the pictures in the Nokia 6085 slide show.