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The new-look Nokia 3310 on sale this month

The colourful reboot of the classic Nokia phone is back -- here's the price and release date.

The Nokia 3310 is back.

Richard Trenholm/CNET

17 years after it first went on sale, you can buy the Nokia 3310 again.

A new, updated version of the iconic Nokia phone goes on sale in the UK on 24 May, and it will cost £50. Pricing and availability for the US and Australia have yet to be announced, but the price converts to about $55 or AU$75.

The colourful reboot made headlines in February when it was revealed, as phone fans revelled in the twin hit of nostalgia and the novelty of the new twist on a classic.

The new model isn't much more advanced than the original, but it does now have a colour screen (and the same impressive battery life). It comes in four colours, including the familiar midnight blue and grey of the original model.

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