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No Valentine? Get yourself some new, um, bros instead

Technically Incorrect: Wolfpack is an app that finds men new male friends. Because men can never have enough men to bond with.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Yes, you need a friend with a guitar in your life. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Valentine's Day is one big setup.

You're supposed to love someone. You're supposed to show that love. And if you have no love, you're supposed to loathe the very soil you tread.

So along comes an app that offers men the succor, camaraderie and the group visits to lap-dancing clubs that they really need. Especially next Saturday.

The men behind Wolfpack believe they're onto something psychologically necessary. Men need men. Men need more men. Men need the joy, the safety and the impish wickedness of hanging out with other men. It's so much more fun to get arrested that way, isn't it?

Wolfpack is the brain progeny of Nile Niami. Yes, he's a real-estate developer. You might think, ah, yes, real-estate developers never have any friends, save on local councils.

Oh, you can just imagine the possibilities that could be unleashed here. Wolfpack

In this case, Niami had a friend who was getting divorced. All his male friends were connected to his wife. What was a man to do? Hiring Kevin Hart would be terribly expensive.

So with Wolfpack, you just sign up and look for men who are in the mood to do the same things as you. Vegas, baby, indeed.

There again, I have my concerns. How will you know that your new, um, bro isn't what Comcast would call an a-hole?

Niami told me: "Will there be any a-holes? Probably. But at least it will help you find like minded a-holes." But do I really want to spend time with the like-minded but aggravating to the point of fisticuffs?

Perhaps, though, men are merely like open houses. Some are more likable than others. Niami's view: "Whether you want to play pickup basketball, play a round of golf or go clubbing, there are plenty of activities and 'packs.' At the end of the day, it comes down to common sense. If you don't like the pack you just joined, it's no problem -- join another one."

Isn't it sad, though, that now you have to go online not only to find love, but even to find someone to have a glass of valdiguie with?

Niami demurred: "Everyone goes through different chapters in their life, and not only do interests change but people also move. Let's say you are from New York and you just received a great job offer in LA. You move not knowing anyone. Are you supposed to sit home and be bored? Or isn't it smarter to download the Wolfpack app and go explore LA and meet a ton of new friends?"

There's that difficult word: smarter. What is smarter? Are you showing yourself to be more clever, more progressive, more modern by finding your friends through an app?

Or have we completely lost confidence in our own ability to meet people in a natural setting, where the first things that draw us to someone are simply our own instincts?