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No signal of any LG mobile announcements at CES 2013

While LG ushered in a slew of high-end phones the tail-end of last year, it has been low-key at CES 2013 as far as new handsets go.

James Fishler
James Fishler, LG's senior vice president of marketing in the U.S. at LG's press conference today. Sarah Tew/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Despite LG launching a number of top-tier smartphones in the past few months (the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G were released in November, and the Intuitionwas available in September), the Korean phone company has remained pretty quiet about launching new handsets during CES this week.

We were told by LG representatives numerous times before CES that there would be no mobile devices unveiling anyway, but that didn't stop us from holding out for any surprises. Especially since rumors about an Optimus G successor, the Optimus G2, have been circulating.

But after LG's press conference today, in which its senior vice president of marketing in the U.S., James Fishler, went over the success of the three previously noted smartphones without mentioning any new ones, it looks like there will be no surprises here after all. Le sigh.

Instead, it appears that LG will be waiting until Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in Barcelona, Spain, on February 25, to unveil new mobile devices.

However, because CES is a weeklong event, which hasn't even opened up to the public yet, one can never be too sure.

During its press event, LG made it a point to stress its "special partnership" with the chip maker, Qualcomm. Considering that Qualcomm has a keynote event today at 6:30 p.m. PT, and that its rival, Nvidia, announced a powerful new quad-core chipset, perhaps we may hear of a new LG smartphone there. Here's to crossing our fingers.

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