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No Razr is bad business for Sprint

No Razr is bad business for Sprint

Sprint Nextel isn't having the sunniest summer. Not only did the carrier report a 38 percent drop in earnings for the second quarter of this year, it also added fewer subscribers than both Cingular and Verizon Wireless. While those two providers continue to rank as the nation's largest and second-largest carriers, Sprint remains firmly in third place. And that's taking into account the merger last year between Sprint PCS and Nextel. But don't think the company isn't taking notice. This week it announced that COO Len Lauer was leaving and would not be replaced.

In their never-ending quest to analyze, analysts are blaming Sprint's doldrums on a lack of a clear brand identity and on the fact that the carrier has never offered the Motorola Razr. Granted, it is the world's most popular cell phone, but it's not like Sprint hasn't offered any viable alternatives. Regardless, however, Sprint is jumping on the Moto bandwagon. As Bonnie Cha said earlier this month, the carrier will pick up the Motorola Q and a variant of the Slvr.