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Nobody needs a Star Wars lightsaber selfie stick, but...

There's no argument in the galaxy that can truly justify the necessity of a lightsaber selfie stick. You might want one anyway.

Carry this lightsaber stick at your next sci-fi con.


I'm strongly suggesting you just walk away. I'm no hater of selfie sticks, but this is just getting absurd.

Really. Why aren't you listening to me? OK, fine. Buy a Star Wars Lightsaber Selfie Stick. You're the one who's going to have to live with yourself.

ThinkGeek's exclusive lightsaber selfie stick is made to look like the hilt of Darth Vader's personal weapon. That's an interesting choice. I guess Jedi don't do selfies, but Sith Lords do. The stick extends to just over 40 inches in length, so you can fit all your Stormtrooper buddies into the frame.

The stick comes with a plug that goes into your standard iPhone headphone jack so a button on the hilt can act as a shutter trigger. You will need to provide your own "voooomfwush" and crackling noises. The photography accessory costs $19.99 and only ships to the US.

This isn't the first unusual selfie stick to hit the market. You might have blocked out the traumatic experience of learning about the existence of the BelfieStick, a stick designed specifically for taking butt selfies. There is even a slap-bracelet-style selfie stick called the Pop Stick that lets shy selfie-takers hide their sticks in plain sight.

When it comes to weird Star Wars merchandise, the Lightsaber Selfie Stick would pair very well with a set of fuzzy Chewbacca Crocs and a sarlacc pit toilet.

There is a lot of selfie-stick hatred out there. Perhaps that makes the lightsaber stick an ingenious tool. When someone glances over, sees your selfie stick and says, "Oh gross. Another freakin' selfie stick. Get a life, you narcissist," you can just answer: "No, it's cool, man. Look, it's a lightsaber!" "Awesome!" will be the expected response in this age of Star Wars merchandise worship.