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No more NT for MIPS

Citing a decrease in demand, Microsoft is discontinuing Windows NT development for the MIPS platform.

Citing a decrease in demand, Microsoft (MSFT) will discontinue Windows NT development efforts for the MIPS RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) platform.

The largest original equipment manufacturer for Windows NT 4.0 on the MIPS platform, NEC, has decided to stop making MIPS systems beyond the current NT 4.0 release. NEC will continue to make Intel-based systems, a market it has entered only recently.

Microsoft officials said the company would continue to provide technical support for 4.0 users on MIPS. The company has supported the MIPS platform for over three years, with development dating back five years.

"We do not know of any corporate customer who has standardized on the MIPS platform [with Windows NT]," said Phil Holden, product manager for Windows 95 and NT Workstation. "The market is so, so, so small."

The Windows NT network operating system continues to be available for the Digital Equipment Alpha microprocessor and the Motorola PowerPC chip.