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No direction home? IBM's painful ad with Bob Dylan

Technically Incorrect: In a new ad, the hero of so many -- including Steve Jobs -- resorts to talking with IBM's supercomputer Watson. Oh.

This awaits all of us. Spending our days talking to computers. IBM; screenshot by CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Time passes and love fades.

I fear that those who emerged from the '60s would now agree. In that era, Bob Dylan was the primary poet, which is why his biggest fans (the late Steve Jobs was one) might suddenly see their love for him fade before their TV screens.

For here is the great folk hero talking to a computer -- IBM's supercomputer Watson, to be precise.

Watson, you see, is trying to learn to speak human. He didn't sound that great when he won So he's trying to improve his understanding of our nuances.

To this end, he's read all of Dylan's lyrics. He claims to appreciate that Dylan's music is all about time passing and love fading.

However, Watson has never known love. Which, for reasons that are surely beyond humanity's grasp, stimulates Dylan to suggest they write a song together.

What might the song be? "All Along the Watsontower"? "Don't Think Twice, I'm Watson"?

I worry who will be moved by this ad. Especially when Watson begins to sing, while these words appear on the screen: "IBM Watson thinks with us to outthink the limits of creativity."

Oddly, it's at this very moment that Dylan walks out -- I am guessing, in disgust at the suggestion that Watson is an artist.

But this is a work of art, so let's try a positive interpretation. This ad accurately portrays our future. When the world has no use for us anymore, we'll be sitting at home with only a computer for company.

That computer will understand us, know our weaknesses and try to make us feel better about ourselves.

That computer will also sing badly.