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Nissan to offer its own alternatives by 2010

Nissan announces plans for its own hybrid and hydrogen cars.

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Following the introduction of its 2007 Altima Hybrid, which we saw at this month's LA Auto Show (and which makes use of Toyota's hybrid drivetrain technology), Nissan has outlined plans to introduce a car using its own hybrid technology in 2010.

The announcement is part of the Nissan Green Program 2010, which also includes plans to introduce an original hydrogen fuel-cell car incorporating an in-house-developed stack, and a "three-liter car"--a car that gets gas mileage of 100km per three liters of gasoline (around 79mpg)--both by 2010.

Nissan's news is the latest in a string of alternative-fuel vehicle activity from the major automakers: in LA, General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner said that GM was planning to develop a production plug-in hybrid version of its Vue Green Line starting in 2008. Also at the LA Show, BMW debuted its Hyrdogen7, Honda unveiled its FCX Concept fuel-cell car, and GM showed off its full two-mode hybrid system in the Yukon Hybrid.