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Nissan Leaf overshadows Chevy Volt in June sales

Nissan sold 1,708 Leaf all-electric cars last month, while Chevrolet sold 561 Volt hybrids in the U.S.

The Nissan Leaf leads the electric car battle.
The Nissan Leaf leads the electric car battle. Nissan

The Nissan Leaf is, so far, leading the race in the electric-car space.

In June, Nissan sold 1,708 Leaf units in the U.S., easily overshadowing Chevrolet's Volt, which tallied 561 unit sales. In May, Nissan sold 1,142 Leaf units while Chevrolet sold 481 Volts.

Nissan's Leaf is a fully electric vehicle and is capable of driving for about 75 miles on a single charge. The Volt, by contrast, is a hybrid that lasts about 35 miles on a single electric charge before its gas engine kicks in.

Although the Volt is far behind in sales, it apparently has little to do with the car's popularity. Speaking to Automobile Magazine in a article published earlier this week, Chevrolet spokesman Rob Peterson said the small sales figure is due to the Volt production plant being offline over the last five weeks for renovations to increase production.

Peterson told Automobile Magazine that three times as many Volts will be built in the new plant and that the company still expects to sell 10,000 units by the end of this year.

Nissan's Leaf has a $32,780 price tag, while Chevrolet's Volt comes in at $40,280.