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Nirvanix picks up $12 million

Storage company specializing in online user-generated media to expand B2B delivery service.

It seems some investors are thinking about where all this user-generated content is headed.

Nirvanix, a new storage provider for online media applications, has received $12 million in funding from Mission Ventures, Valhalla Partners and Windward Ventures, the company announced Tuesday.

Nirvanix, which launched in early September, provides storage and retrieval tools for online media applications that host user-generated content. The company intends to specialize in large-scale media sites where millions of users may generate, store and retrieve content.

It's offering itself up as a viable alternative to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), with the addition of a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) as part of its package.

The funding will go toward expanding Nirvanix's business-to-business storage delivery service, according to Nirvanix.

The announcement follows hints earlier this week that social-networking site Facebook is considering getting into the storage services game for its independent application developers.