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Nintoaster stuffs a Nintendo console into a retro toaster

Shiny appliances and breakfast food come together with an 8-bit classic Nintendo system to create a retro marvel of a gaming console.

Nintoaster 2.0
One of the world's most beautiful NES consoles. Jarno Kotavuopio

Video gaming and snack foods have long had a symbiotic relationship, but rarely has it been taken so literally as with the Nintoaster 2.0, a retro toaster with some of its guts ripped out and replaced with an 8-bit NES console. The Nintoaster comes from Finnish artist Jarno Kotavuopio. He didn't just build a mock-up; he made a functioning mashup device.

The pairing of a 1950s-style toaster and a 1980s gaming console makes for a double layer of retro love. To prove the Nintoaster's viability, Kotavuopio shared a video of the console hooked up to a screen. He turns it on, plugs a cartridge into the bread slot and runs Duck Tales with the matching controller.

As its name would suggest, the Nintoaster 2.0 doesn't mark the first time someone has crammed a Nintendo console into a toaster. Kotavuopio built his first version in a more subtle white-and-chrome scheme, but there's something extra special about the orange-and-chrome second attempt. It's functional and beautiful.

Going back to 2008, another maker created a series of Nintoasters, starting with a standard modern-looking white plastic toaster. Kotavuopio's may not be the first, but his is arguably the best looking. Now, we just need someone to figure out how to keep the toaster part working so we can cook up a slice of wheat bread while taking on Super Mario Bros.

(Via Neatorama)