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Nintendo zapper hacked to shoot insanely strong laser

Just as geeks have long lusted after an actual working lightsaber, so have gamers lusted after an actual working Nintendo zapper. Lust no longer, it's now reality... if you have the proper safety gear.

Laser zapper
Take that, video game water fowl! North Street Labs

The tinkerers at North Street Labs retrofitted an NES zapper with a ridiculously powerful laser capable of catching vulnerable objects like matches on fire.

The laser is strong enough to max out a 2W laser meter. That's some serious strength. As North Street Labs points out, goggles are an absolute must at all times when handling the zapper. There is a physical turn key safety switch to keep it from accidentally going off.

This gets us into the requisite safety warnings. This may look like the zapper you used for Duck Hunt, but it doesn't act like it. This project has a laser powerful enough to light things on fire, burn skin, and permanently damage your eyesight.

If you get into North Street Lab's DIY directions for making your own, you will want to proceed with care. Get the right goggles to handle the laser you're working with. Don't point it anything living. Don't point it at anything inanimate you don't want to catch on fire within a safe and controlled environment. In summary, don't be stupid with this awesome hack.

(Via Geekologie)