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Nintendo Wii top-selling game console

The Wii was again the month's best-selling video game console in the U.S., according to NPD figures.

Nintendo Wii was the best-selling video game console in the United States in February, console makers said on Thursday, citing sales results from market research firm NPD. Consumers bought 335,000 Wii consoles and 127,000 of Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles in February. Both systems debuted in November, and the Wii is priced at $250, compared with the $600 top-end version of the PS3.

Microsoft's Xbox 360, which came out in November 2005, sold 228,000 units, making it the second-biggest selling console in February. With their new consoles, the three companies are in a fierce battle for dominance in the $13 billion U.S. video game market.

Retailers in February sold 295,000 PlayStation 2 consoles, the best-selling console of the last cycle.