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Nintendo Wii launch details "announced"

Nintendo Wii launch details "announced"

Nintendo released some pretty vague information early this morning regarding its upcoming console, the motion-sensor-controlled Wii. According to the company, the price "will not exceed $250 in America," and allocations will be to the tune of 6 million systems and 17 million games between the system's launch and the end of March 2007. The system's launch? An even more vague "fourth quarter of 2006." If the system is released at the "do not exceed" point, it will be the first Nintendo console to hit the market above the $200 price point, but it will still be the cheapest next-gen gaming console, besting the nonpremium versions of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 by $50 and $250, respectively.

Source: Kotaku

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