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Nintendo to rename Wii U?

Rumor has it that Nintendo is considering a name change for its upcoming Wii successor.

The future of Nintendo could rely on the success of the Wii U. Sarah Tew/CNET

Nintendo might change the name of its Wii U game console to something less like its predecessor, U.K. video game magazine Computer and Video Games reports, citing unnamed sources.

The Japanese game maker is under pressure to rebound from a disappointing Nintendo 3DS launch and heavy annual losses.

Clearly, Nintendo must avoid doing anything that might confuse consumers and prevent them from buying the successor to the Wii console when it arrives in time for the holidays. CVG says it believes the naming scheme and introduction of the Nintendo 3DS wasn't clear enough to consumers, citing an example of two U.K. retailers adding large red 3DS stickers to game boxes, as it looks similar to boxes used for DS games. The company supposedly aims to avoid a similar fate with the Wii U.

However, it's nearly indisputable that the Wii is a household name at this point and has strong sub-brand recognition. Sony and Microsoft have had no problems selling similarly named gaming consoles. If the device is worthy enough, people will buy it regardless of the moniker.

Nintendo should paint a much clearer picture about the Wii U--and a possible name change--during E3 2012 in June.

In the meantime, what do you think about the name Wii U?