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Nintendo Switch update embraces GameCube controller adapter

If you invested in a GameCube controller adapter for your Wii U, now you can use it on your brand new Switch.


The original GameCube controller


When Nintendo released its version 4.0 update for its Switch console last week, it looks like there was a big ol' surprise in it for the faithful: support for the GameCube controller adapter, a Wii U accessory that only really worked with Super Smash Bros. at the time.

Your Switch Can Now Use Gamecube Controllers

Now all the Switch needs is Super Smash Bros!

Posted by CNET on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

CNET's Sean Buckley got a chance to try it for a bit and reported back: "It works, and it feels pretty good, but it doesn't have complete compatibility. Because the GameCube controllers analogue sticks don't click down, it doesn't have as many inputs as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It's also lacking a left bumper button. 

"Apart from that though, it's definitely good enough to play Mario Kart."

It's also sparked speculation that the Switch release of Super Smash Bros. is imminent.