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Nintendo Switch Online brings us bad guy Mario next week

Donkey Kong Jr. must rescue his captive dad in the classic NES adventure where Mario's kind of a jerk.


Donkey Kong Jr. climbs to rescue his father from Mario.

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET

Mario isn't all princess-saving and triple-jumping -- sometimes he just likes the sweet taste of revenge.

May's trio of Nintendo Switch Online NES classics includes Donkey Kong Jr., the game where the iconic gorilla's son has to free him from Mario's clutches.

It's coming to the library you get as part of Switch's $20-a-year subscription service along with VS. Excitebike and Clu Clu Land, Nintendo announced Tuesday.

Donkey Kong Jr. is the 1982 sequel to the iconic Donkey Kong, which was part of Switch Online's launch batch of games. It sees Mario, vengeful after the ape kidnapped Pauline in the first game, imprisoning him in a cage because two wrongs definitely make a right.

The younger Donkey Kong has to jump and climb to reach his caged dad, as well as avoiding the various obstacles Mario puts in his way. You might remember this ape as one of the eight playable characters in Super Mario Kart, which could be coming to Switch.

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The original Excitebike was already part of the service, but the 1988 VS. version adds two-player split-screen and a track editor.

Clu Clu Land is a 1984 maze crawler that's a bit like Pac-Man. You play as Bubbles, a cleverly named bubble fish trying to recover your stolen gold bars.

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