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Nintendo Switch just got a bunch more indie games at GDC, including exclusives

The gaming giant showed off new indie games -- called, of course, "Nindies" -- coming from this spring through the summer. Here's the rundown.


Lumines was one of the best PSP games ever. It's Switch-bound.


The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is taking over San Francisco this week, and Nintendo is there.

Instead of announcing any new first-party games, Nintendo has focused on "Nindies" -- that is, independent game titles from smaller developers. The Switch has already successfully built a repository of excellent indie titles. While the newest batch may not have a standout like Rocket League or Stardew Valley (and cult favorite Undertale still doesn't have a release date), several notable mobile games like Reigns and Banner Saga are coming, along with a revamp of the PlayStation classic puzzler Lumines.

Nintendo is promising that most of these games are either system exclusives or games that will launch on the Switch first.


Pool Panic, by Adult Swim Games

  • Mark of the Ninja Remastered: a classic Xbox 360 Arcade game by Microsoft Studios gets a revamp.
  • Fantasy Strike (summer): an arcade-style fighting game previously on Steam.
  • Just Shapes and Beats (summer): a long-awaited abstract music rhythm game.
  • Garage (spring): a top-down retro arcade horror game infused with "VHS style" graphic effects.
  • Pool Panic (Switch exclusive): Adult Swim Games' crazy-looking cartoon-style adventure involving living pool balls.
  • Bomb Chicken (summer): a platformer puzzler involving bombs... and chickens.
  • Lumines Remastered (spring): one of the best music puzzle games ever made, getting a new version.

Other games:


Reigns, a great mobile game, comes to Switch, too.

  • Reigns Kings and Queens (spring): the mobile title, with both versions included.
  • Light Fall (spring)
  • West of Loathing (spring, Switch exclusive): cartoon stick figures in a Western-type world.
  • Pode (spring)
  • The Messenger (summer)
  • Bad North (summer)
  • Banner Saga 3 (summer): the latest version of a hit strategy mobile and indie game.
  • Banner Saga 1 and 2 (TBD): also coming.

You can watch the full stream live here.

We'll follow up with more news and impressions throughout GDC.

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