Nintendo said to accuse Sony of stealing controller idea

When both Nintendo and Sony showed off motion-sensitive controllers for their forthcoming Wii (formerly the Revolution) and PlayStation 3 video game controllers at E3 last week, it seemed like that was the natural direction for such equipment to take going forward.

But now it appears that Nintendo thinks that Sony's adoption of the motion-sensitive system, which allows players to control much of their on-screen movement simply by moving the controller around with their hands, was far more than a coincidence.

According to GameDailyBiz, the head of Nintendo's British operations has outright accused Sony of stealing the idea for the motion-sensing system.

"I'd love to dig up some old Phil Harrison (president of Sony Computer Entertainment) comments and say, 'Hang on a second--six months ago when we launched our controller you said one thing, and now why are you doing this,'" GameDailyBiz quoted Nintendo UK's David Yarnton as saying. "I don't know what their decision-making process is, but I think if you look back, any innovation that has come in game play has come from us."

Who knows if Yarnton's assertion is true, but at least he doesn't have to worry that Microsoft stole the technology. After all, the Xbox 360's controller doesn't have motion-sensitivity.

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