Nintendo releases GameBoy Micro

As if the video game console battles surrounding the Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution weren't enough, Nintendo on Tuesday released its new GameBoy Micro in Japan.

Tiny by game device standards, the Micro, which will hit U.S. shelves on Sept. 19 at around $100, is only 4 inches long by 2 inches deep and 0.68 inches thick, reports PC World.

According to Nintendo, the Micro has about the same power as previous generation GameBoys, despite its miniscule size, and can run GameBoy Advance games.

Nintendo timed its Japanese release of the Micro with the 20th anniversary of its famous game, "Mario Bros."

PC World reported that the Micro launches with three available games, "Super Mario Bros.," "Dr. Mario and Panel de pon!" and "Mario Tennis Advance." The first two are slated to cost $18, while the third runs $34.

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