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Nintendo now sells Switch solo, minus the dock

Who even needs a dock, anyway?

Nintendo Japan
Nintendo Japan

Want an additional Nintendo Switch game system but without a cumbersome dock? You may not have long to wait. Nintendo Japan just unveiled a Switch package that will come with all the gear you'll need to link it up with home entertainment systems.

Typically that would include a dock cradle, power cord, HDMI cable, etc. Priced at 24,980 yen (lower than the 29,980-yen full version), the kit includes the Switch body, Joy-Con controller, and Joy-Con strap.

Right now there's no word whether the bundle, called the "Nintendo Switch 2nd Set," will make it to shores outside of Japan. But hopefully this bodes well for that possibility becoming a reality. The price converts to about $250, £170 or AU$300.

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