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Nintendo Labo's new Vehicle Kit puts you in submarines, cars and planes

Start your cardboard-based engines this September.


Nintendo is expanding its cardboard-customizing Labo kits with a Vehicle Kit which will let players captain submarines, airplanes and cars. Just don't let any demonic children anywhere near it. 

Contained within the Vehicle Kit are five Toy-Con projects including the Car, Pedal, Plane, Key and Submarine. The Kit will come with prepackaged software that will see players race, battle and "explore a mysterious world."

The cardboard Key will allow quick changes between each mode of transport. Plucking the key from one vehicle and placing it in another will instantly transform your car to a submarine or plane and vice versa.

"We're excited to offer a variety of fun gameplay experiences with Vehicle Kit, and look forward to seeing the creative Nintendo Labo community continue to grow," said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of sales and marketing.

The new kit will be available from Sept. 14 and will retail for $69. There's no Australian and UK pricing is available as of yet, but that price converts to roughly AU$95 or £55.

You can watch the trailer and see the Vehicle Kit in action below:

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