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Nintendo is in the race

Nintendo is in the race

OK, first, the bad news: no launch date, no pricing for the Nintendo Wii. Nevertheless, Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning was a high-energy, high-drama demonstration of everything the Wii can do (and I admit it, the name is growing on me). Compared to Sony's demonstration of its motion-sensing controller, it's clear that Nintendo has been working on its version for much longer, and has plans for a much wider array of gameplay and shared experiences. Nintendo announced a Wii Sports pack that will be available at launch and will contain tennis, golf, and baseball games. Also announced were three new franchises for Wii, all obviously built around the new controller functions: Excite Truck, a driving game; Project H.A.M.M.E.R., which seems to consist of you swinging your controller to knock things over; and Disaster: Day of Crisis, which is apparently The Day After Tomorrow in game form (fun!). For Nintendo lovers (and there were many in the audience), they announced and showed a demo of a new version of Zelda, featuring controller-controlled (it makes sense, I swear) bow-and-arrow targeting and other features.